Why 3D Printing and Modelling?​

As UTM engineering students, we found it difficult to obtain high quality 3D printing service with affordable costing.

This causes a huge problem to engineering students especially those from mechanical engineering because most of their projects as well as final year projects involve rapid prototyping.

Although 3D printing service is provided free of charge in some faculties, but there are way too many constraints. As an example, students might need to travel all the way to the faculties just to print a single part and might not be able to collect the part during non-office hour. This would definitely impact the time schedule of the projects and cause inconvenience to those who do not have own transportation. Besides, there are a lot of fantastic ideas being restricted due to the limitation of prototyping.


  • To promote 3D printing technology to speed up prototyping phase of great innovative ideas.
  • To provide affordable and quality 3D printing and modelling services for the students and small medium-sized enterprises (SME).
  • To provide consultations and suggestions to the people who have great ideas but lack of knowledge in prototyping.

The Initial Plan​

Back in 2019, we started with the objective to help students by providing 3D printing service to them. We also made the printing process easier and more efficient by allowing students to send us their design files online and delivered the products to any pick up locations which are convenient to them, even to their doorsteps. Besides, we provided assistance to students who are lack of 3D printing skills by sharing our knowledge and experience to help them overcoming their prototyping issues. On the other hand, there are great minds with exceptional ideas but unfortunately lack of skills to turn their ideas into reality, we came in to provide consultation or even modelling services to visualize and realize their imaginations.

The Rise​

After a year of providing services to the students, we began to get exposure to the real industry. We began to get engaged to the companies who wish to use our services. Our printers kept running day and night while new orders were received everyday. At that moment, all of us agreed that we were ready to expand our current plan and run a real business that can bring more benefits to the bigger community.

The next day, we registered our company under SSM and began to kick off the business. We still maintain a low price range for basic printing services to benefit the students as well as providing a reasonable price range for high quality printing services to meet the Four Teenagers Enterprise industry needs. Today, we have customers from all over the world, yet we still continue to support students for their great ideas as we would never forget where we come from.

Company Details

Established on:
23rd February 2020

Company email:
[email protected]

SSM Registration:

117, Jalan Saleng 10, Kampung Baru Saleng, 81400 Senai, Johor.

Social Media:
Facebook: 4T
Instagram: fourteenagers.official